What Our Clients are saying...

Thank you so much for all of the help you have given me. I am loving my new job and doing brilliantly, I even managed to go for my Covid19 jab one street away from where K lives. There is no way I could have done this without all of the counselling sessions we had, I would have been way too paranoid. As it was I didn’t have loads of sleepless nights because I used the strategies you taught me and I’m now jabbed which I needed for my job. Work is really successful and I feel that I am getting myself back. When I look back to how far I have come I am very conscious that it is the support you have given me that has helped me to do this. I knew lots of things I ought to do intellectually but just because I knew the path didn’t mean I could get there on my own. Your sessions gave me the impartial sounding board I needed, I’ve lost that churned up feeling I had all of the time and when something goes wrong I can deal with it rationally. So thank you, thank you, thank you.
SCC adult female client
Counselling has been hugely beneficial and has helped me a lot. It has been very insightful.
SCC adult female client
Bev and the support she has given has been instrumental in the regular support of pupils going through quite a lot. This support has been consistent and the children have benefited from the actual sessions themselves, the advice and materials given to help and also the perceived support that is on offer. Even when the children finished their sessions with Bev, knowing she was there and it was an option has meant that at least two children have been emotionally more secure because of the knowledge that help is close at hand if ever needed.
CECP Primary School Head
It was a pleasure to work with you this year and many thanks for being there during many of the dark times!  Your support was tangible and timed to perfection! 
CECP Primary School Head Teacher
Phone counselling sessions have helped me to become more confident making phone calls. It is something I have always found daunting and the sessions have made it much more bearable to use phone calls especially when reaching out for help.
SWaNS Community Counselling client (17 yrs)

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As well as all the schools that we work with (see our schools services), we also have strong ties with other local organisations and charities. We are currently delivering counselling and/or workshops and training for
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